Premade presets – are the predesigned style of the native Elementor widgets, these styles are created by the WunderWP team and are included by default in all accounts. Premade presets are available in the widget settings panel as a Preset tab. Unlike Custom Presets, its not possible to edit the source of the premade presets. 

premade presets

How to use Premade presets?

There are only 2 simple steps to apply premade presets on your widgets:

1 – Drag and drop Elementor widgets on the page

2 – From the Presets tab apply the premade style of the widget

Take a look at this video:

List of widget that has premade presets:

  1. Animated Headlines
  2. Alert
  3. Accordion
  4. Basic Gallery
  5. Button
  6. Categories
  7. Counter
  8. Countdown
  9. Counter
  10. Divider
  11. Heading
  12. Icon
  13. Icon List
  14. Photo Album
  15. Progress Bar
  16. Search Form
  17. Social Icons
  18. Star Rating
  19. Tabs
  20. Testimonial
  21. Toggle
  22. Post Carousel
  23. Video
  24. Posts
  25. Price Table
  26. Login
  27. Slides
  28. Form
  29. Nav Menu
  30. Flip Box
  31. Media Carousel
  32. Testimonial Carousel
  33. Reviews
  34. Share Buttons
  35. Blockquote

To see the demo of the premade presets, please use the Samples menu on top of the page.

Frequently asked questions

Premade presets are stored in WunderWp plugin and on in the WunderWp cloud


Premade presets are available for everyone who uses WunderWp plugin

No, every usage of a preset will be applied once to one element. If you want to update a preset, you need to save it as your custom preset and apply the preset to your elements. Otherwise the premade presets are not editable.