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Preset styles for Elementor widgets

Elementor Logo in wunderwp elementor widget styles

Make your ugly Elementor widgets look beautiful, instantly!

WunderWP - Beautify Elementor widgets with preset styles | Product Hunt Embed
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How does it work?

Works with a click

WunderWP emoji

300 Free preset styles for Elementor plugins

And adding more every week

WunderWP is a tiny plugin that just works, plus...

wunderwp elementor widget style - does not mess with the content

Doesn't mess with the content of the widgets.

Example: Once you apply the preset to a button, the button text remains intact

WunderWP Elementor widget style - Performance

It's crazy fast.
And loads faster

Our engineers just nailed it. And our cloud servers are all beefed up.

WunderWP Save & Reuse

You can save and load your own presets. Yup! NEW

Save your widget styles and use it across your other pages and websites

WunderWP Elementor widget styles - Free Download

Beautify your Elementor website in no time!

WunderWP comes with lots of readymade styles for your Elementor widgets to get you up and going!