WunderWP: Elementor + Reusability

What was the most frequently asked about and sought after feature in the WordPress community back in 2016? 

A solid page builder. 

If you wanted to build a website with WordPress, you definitely wouldn’t use its native page builder ‘TinyMCE editor’. You had to find a third-party builder that was easy to use, had a good UX, had a good performance, had a vast element library and was extendible. Well, none of the page builders at that time could offer all that all at once. 

All the existing builders were good at one or two of these factors at best. That was until Elementor. Elementor quickly outdid other builders to become the most popular WordPress page builder as it could actually meet all the above objectives users were looking for.

Now in 2020, what’s the most frequently asked about and sought after feature in the Elementor community?

A way to simplify and speed up building with Elementor! 

Elementor has grown over the years. New features, elements and capabilities have been added from time to time. Many third-party extensions have been introduced to Elementor to extend its customizability limits to the extent that, at some point, you might find yourself with a lot of options to deal with. Additionally, there is no mechanism in Elementor – either in free or pro – to avoid the repetition. 

This means that if you spend a lot of time stylizing a widget, there is no way you can save its style and reuse it in similar Elementor widgets in the future. You can easily find yourself doing repetitive stylization for your Elementor projects. And this is where the time factor comes into play. Many of us do not want to sacrifice simplicity and the time factor for customizability. So then what could possibly be a solution for this?

Solution: Elementor + Reusability

A possible solution to the above problem should be either one of the following ways (or preferably all!):

  • Reusability for styles
    The possibility to save the stylization of a widget and apply it to other similar widgets.
  • Reusability of the whole or part of the created content
    Meaning the whole or blocks of your created pages can be saved and reused at will.
  • Readymade assets 
    A pool of preset standard content for different purposes that can be used to build up a layout, such as a section or a whole page template.

What is WunderWP?

WunderWP is a new, small, useful and surprisingly FREE tool that aims to solve the problem of usability in Elementor. You can save your styles and templates to the Cloud and reuse them in any Elementor project.

Save and reuse widget styles

WunderWP allows you to save and reuse your widget styles in Elementor. Once you are done  stylizing a widget, save it to the WunderWP Cloud and apply it to similar widgets. Let’s say you have a heading widget with different typographic values, an image widget with your favorite drop shadows and border strokes – or even more complicated widgets such as a pricing table with various elements such as heading, price, items, ribbon and button – that you put a lot of time setting each element’s color, font attributes, padding and hover animations.

WunderWP - Preset styles for Elementor

Save and reuse content templates

In addition to widget styles, you can also save and reuse an entire template. You can upload a section or an entire page template to the WunderWP Cloud and simply insert it to the destination page or website. Think of a hero section that you like to use multiple times in different sections that are typically similar to each other. This can be Contact and Team sections or an entire page template such as Our Services that you can create once, save and reuse with tiny tweaks several times.

It’s important to note that Elementor itself – in both the free and Pro versions – does provide the option to save and reuse a template but it can only be used in the same Elementor installation, meaning it cannot be used in your other Elementor projects. However, WunderWP makes this possible.

wunderwp - save custom templates

Use readymade widget styles

WunderWP also provides you with a bunch of preset styles to quickly grab and use in a page. There are preset styles for different Elementor widgets such as Heading, Gallery, Button, Countdown, Divider, Image, different types of Carousels, Photo Album, Progress Bars, Form, Tab, Testimonial, Pricing Table and many other widgets. Just drag an Elementor widget to your page, select a WunderWP preset style for your widget and start adding your content.

WunderWP - Premade styles before & after

Use readymade content templates

Just like readymade widgets styles, WunderWP provides you with readymade content templates as well. Preset section templates are a combination of widgets created and optimized to be usable in a variety of contexts and for different purposes. For example, the About Us readymade section template comprises a nice heading widget along with a description beneath it and a Team Element widget along with a Learn More button for each member.  Everything is well-organized in the correct order, composition and appearance.

WunderWP - Preset template for Elementor

There are more than 50 premade section templates available at the moment covering a wide array of purposes such as team, about, contact, call to action, header, footer, services, countdown among much more.

WunderWP Cloud is Free and Unprecedented

The important thing about WunderWP is that you can save and reuse your styles and templates in multiple projects over its Cloud, which is not possible with Elementor itself or any other plugin. WunderWP is also a free service, and the creators promise that whatever is available at the moment that covers all of the above will be free forever.

WunderWP beautifies your raw-looking Elementor pages and dramatically reduces the legwork and repetition in creating pages. It does this by both allowing you to save and reuse your styles and templates and giving you dozens of readymade styles and templates all for free. Check it out and start and finish your next Elementor project a lot faster and easier.